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Hands on with Windows 10x

Windows 10x has been available to peek at for a while now via Windows 10X emulator tools but it’s now also possible to have a look via VM disk image prepared by Albacore and, I must say, it’s pretty neat.

Sadly, support for Win32 apps via containers , once touted, has now been removed as Windows 10X shifts from dual to single-screen pc devices.

Overall, it’s quite polished and inviting while providing what feels like a Windows ‘lite’ or, more realistically, a chromebook experience.

I’m still excited for the final product and hopeful about the reintroduction of Win32 app support.

The sign-in screen

Quite the handsome desktop, I’m sure you’ll agree

Start Menu


Browsing this website via MS Edge

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Angie Bennett 9 mo

Wait, so is this through the emulator app or not?

Dmitriy 9 mo

No, this is a virtual machine running an image extracted and compiled by the enthusiast I linked to. I’d suggest you follow him, his stuff is really neat.